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Supplier of Products to the Automotive Dealer,
Fleet, and DIY Market.

Welcome to Vandal Alert Automotive Products, Inc., your source for quality automotive anti-theft products, limited volume RF product applications and the Patented MagnefineŽ Magnetic Inline Filters for transmissions and power steering systems. By simplifying and streamlining the business processes, Vandal Alert Automotive Products is able to deliver limited volumes at volume pricing. Whether leveraging its supplier partnerships in the development and production of anti-theft devices and specialized RF applications or in simplifying the distribution process in delivering the MagnefineŽ Filter, Vandal Alert Automotive Products is the logical choice.

Vandal Alert, a pioneer in the automotive anti-theft and security business with over 15 years experience.

With its extensive experience in the application of RF technology to the 12-volt automotive market, the
VA Products Div. was created to leverage that expertise to products other than security devices.

The MagnefineŽ Div. was formed to handle the distribution of the Patented Magnetic filter systems for transmissions and power steering systems. The filters impact on the simplification of transmission servicing and wear combined with its ease of installation make the products equally at home with the volume fleet users or the DIY.

We look forward to your visiting each of our Divisions to see how we may positively impact your business and/or costs. For the DIY, don't forget to click through to our Online Store.

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