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Vandal Alert's "No-Start" Relay

Vandal Alert with over 15 years experience in providing anti-theft programs to the automotive dealer service industry, is excited to announce the introduction of the "No-Start" Relay.

This revolutionary new anti-theft device simplifies the process and problems related to anti-theft installation by virtually eliminating the installation. No more drilling into the dash, cutting wires, mounting the traditional flat key receptacle or losing pre-installed harness. The "No-Start" is simply installed or removed by replacing the vehicles starter or ignition relay. The installation can be done by lot porters or even" salesmen".

The "No-Start" relay provides the dealer with superior lot administration with optional "Dealer Master Coded Deactivators".

The "No-Start" is offered with optional "Theft Protection Guarantee."

The "No-Start" also gives the dealer's customers a choice. Customers can choose between a digitally coded plug that is activated by inserting into their cigarette lighter or a remote transmitter. Both are available in "Packs" to be presented at the time of sale.

Vehicle Application Guide--Click Here

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